Professional Athlete Program

Athletes-Current & Retired
Agents • Coaches

We believe planning should start with a player's first contract. Professional athletes, coaches and agents face additional unique financial challenges beyond the expertise of many advisors. We have over a decade of experience serving the industry from first contracts through retirement. Over the years we've developed our "Financial Playbook", a plan for success both during and post-career, customized around each individuals specific needs, goals and circumstances.

We want you to be successful building a life before, during and after a professional career. We are able to help you accomplish this after spending over a decade managing the complete financial affairs of some of the best athletes in the world. We pride ourselves in providing our professional clientele with a world class experience that includes the highest level of integrity that can be found in the industry today. We have spent countless hours studying all of the unique issues that can affect athletes, agents, coaches and their families.

We have extensive experience advising athlete clients through the intricacies of player benefits including League 401(k)s, CAP Plans, Pensions, Annuity programs and HRAs. We can provide “off-the-field” portfolios of quality investments encompassing a wide variety of investments.

We provide assistance with all facets of a player's life including:

  • Budgeting And Controlling Fixed Expenses
  • Credit Cards, Allowance And Cash Management
  • Disability, Liability, Life And Property & Casualty Insurance
  • CPA, Agent And Attorney Coordination
  • Marketing And PR Professional Coordination
  • Professional Real-Estate Sourcing and Relocation Services
  • Vehicle, Jewelry And Luxury Item Acquisition
  • Education And Financial Literacy
  • Understanding Existing Investments– And How They May Or May Not Be Appropriate

Please ask us for a sample "Financial Playbook" with a personalized pre-game net income review.